Americana in Search of a Narrative

 Americana in Search of a Narrative

 The contents of this page might be considered political.  Political content is in search of power.  Don’t deny that I am a political animal and I have not been loath to participate in political actives, but that is now largely in my past and at any rate it is secondary to my interest in the American narrative or lack thereof.  Nobel prize winning novelist, Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Buried Giant, could have been more easily written about America than Great Britain.  The citizen of the United States, even more so it political class are painful ahistorical and don’t seem to remember anything of it near past.  It has lost hold of its narrative and lives in fantasies about it past.  This page seeks to stimulate a discuss about how a narrative could be found, and I call its offerings Americana, fragments in search of a narrative.  Please, please help.

July 16, 2018.  The special prosecutor has indited 26 Russians for interfering in the 2016 election.  President Trump is meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki has deny that it happened, which is making me remember a poem that I wrote in November, 2016, shortly after the presidential election.


Played by the Russian Bear?
I am not thinking about
those anemic liberal dupes of the past,
“com-simps,” as we derided them in my youth,
but of the red-blooded warriors of the present,
“neo-cons,” “America Firsters” and the rest of that gang,
who have danced, consciously or unconsciously,
to the tune, not, of course, played by communist,
God forbid, but by the newly minted oligarches,
whose play book is taken from our own.
I guess that makes us “conspirs.”

and now on this auspicious occasion this is joined with a new fragment of Americana in my brain.


That a foreign government might attempt to influence the outcome of an election
      is not so unthinkable.  I suspect that my own government has done the same.
     But to do so with such covert and twisted of means is despicably duplicitous.

That certain member of my country sought to make use of their effort
     is not criminally conspiracy, a decided relief.
     But to do so having been approached in the back alleys of the internet,
     as in “How can we help you “ is certainly contemptible complicity.

That the American electorate might be swayed by such foreign thinking
     is not unthinkable, its happened before.
    But to be so to such a significant degree
    is evidence of substantial stupidity,


 in a court, which is yet to convene, an indictable ignorance!
         Hell, my friends, waits.
 The Elder of Omaha
 Michael J. Tan Creti

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