As the Easter Season of 2024 comes to an end, I am posting two new poems which came as a result of trying to think about the mystery of the Resurrection.  This has been colored by thoughts about the Trinity that have been part of installation of the Icon of Abraham and Sarah Hospitality in the Narthex of All Saints.   In particular around the person of the Holy Spirit whose agency has lack clarification in the Western Church.  In a recent video posted on You Tube, I ask the question where was the Holy Spirit at the Crucifixion?  A dove darkly resting on the cross, as in Fra Lippi famous painting, is little help. 

Lying here in the bed,

          I am ready to be led

          by the Father onto that eternal shore.

          into the nether dark, where times past

          are stored, waiting for the last;


          to be joined to the Son

          fine ground flour and baked

          which taken from the oven

          will be fed to a hungering world;


          to be swirled in the Wind

          like a bright red kite

          Dancing in the light and

          drawing string across a web


          becoming light in his light

          word in his word;

          breath in her breath

          second wind in her wind;

Rising there from the dead.



Where was the Spirit?


Where was the Spirit,

          when the body of the Word

          hung upon the cross?

Brooding, I should think, o’re the growing chaos

          in that body as it was in the beginning.


          To the world2023 the cross was the end,

          but to the Trinity it was the door,

          which opened into the depth of the Father’s treasure,

          of all times past.  Receiving now the threads

           of the recent times of that body hung upon that tree,

          where the Spirit new weaves it,

          and into it all past times,

          A New Creation!  Christ Risen from the Dead!

Hear more on the Elder of Omaha You Tube channel, First Thursday May 2024.

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